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My Rainbow Story - Part Two
My Rainbow Story -Part Two
One memory that is by far my best one is of one afternoon we spent together after school. We had gone out into the courtyard that was behind the school. It was mainly used for the special ed kids to get out of the classroom. We were laughing and playing, just having a good time together. A little while after we had been hanging out he got really close to me, making me back into the wall and bite my lip. I smirked to cover up how nervous I was and laughed.
"Going to do something?"
He looked at me for a minute before sighing and walking away. A little while later the same thing happened again, making butterflies in my stomach and making it hard to breathe. This time without a smile I looked at him and asked.
"Going to do something?"
This time he did do something. When he kissed me it felt like my whole body was floating. It felt like my mind was asleep yet I knew everything that was going on. It's hard to explain what it felt like. All I can tell you is that it
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My Rainbow Story...
I miss the simple memories.
It was raining the day I met him. The sky was a beautiful, cloudy gray and the sun was no where to be seen. Little blond girls squealed and ran for cover as the downpour began, while a few others and I simply walked on.
I had been eating lunch alone for the past few days; all of my freshman friends were in a different lunch. Yet as I passed by the only darkened part of the school I spotted Ashley. Ashley was one of the few people in this school that talked to me. [We sat next to each other in our third period, Informal Geometry.] She yelled at me and grabbed my hand, dragging a reluctant me into the darkened alcove where two people sat waiting.
I was starting to tune her out as she ran around introducing everyone, when small green eyes caught my attention. Two small little eyes held so much emotion that I had to quickly look away. I saw rage, hurt, unshed tears, and a little spark of happiness. It reminded me too much of myself.
Ashley was still rambling on
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Mature content
Aylce :iconlockedinsidemyhead00:LockedInsideMyHead00 0 0
Would you recognize me?
Would you recognize me if you saw me?
If I walked down the hall of your high school,
or sat in your favorite diner.
Shopped in the Wal-Mart by you,
Walked by your house?
Would you recognize me?
Would you recognize my face?
It sits on your screen,
Every time you look at my page.
But would you really see me?
If one day you saw my face in the paper,
Or on the internet.
Saying that a shy girl of 17
Died in her home last night.
Would you say you knew me?
Would you say you wish you had?
Would you bother to care??
I think not...
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Lines of Life by LockedInsideMyHead00 Lines of Life :iconlockedinsidemyhead00:LockedInsideMyHead00 0 0
A while back
A while back,
A friend complained to me that his poems
Seemed to be on repeat.
It got me thinking,
About my own words.
I've noticed,
That he is in my poems
In subtle, barely noticeable ways.
But I have.
And so has he.
See this thing you read?
Even this simple thing
Has him in it.
I don't think it will stop,
Until I find someone new.
Makes me think an wonder.
Is all this...
Worth it?
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I remember...I miss
I miss the scared little girl I used to be.
The girl who knew about love, but had never felt it.
The girl that would look at the stars and smile.
The girl that never saw her Papa in a coffin.
Cold and dirty.
The girl who never felt her heart being ripped out.
Who never saw the one she loved kissing someone else.
Who was selfish but hid it well...
I miss the girl I am not.
Who that was, I don't really know now.
I don't even know who I am now.
I remember smiling and being happy.
When she said yes and kissed me.
I miss floating around and not caring that he was with another.
I remember the pain,
When she said she needed to think.
I remember begging him to help me forget.
And the way he said he wanted to but it was wrong.
I remember falling.
Falling so deep, that I still can't find my way out.
I remember smiling, trying to hide the pain.
I can see him now.
But the boy I see,
Was replaced with the man I no longer know.
Everything has changed.
We no longer love.
It's no longer simple.
I reme
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Wrongful Goodbyes
Sometimes I sit outside
Staring at the night sky
Sometimes I can see clouds
And I can see the moon.
The stars rarely show
Yet I find myself searching
All I see are the cars trying to fly
and the girl wanting to jump
Sometimes I tell her no
Other times I say why not.
Every night a little part of me
I'm not depressed,
Just disappointed with my life.
So short and yet filled
With wrongful
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Mistake, but it's done
You think that I don't need you
You think that I'm resistant?
You think I want to say goodbye?
That I want to be this distant?
Sure I am a coward,
But this is what I have to do.
And though I have no explanation
I feel I owe it to you.
I know that you dont need me
And I may have made a huge mistake
But sometimes things have to be done
Even if it makes my heart ache
No I don't have a reason
So call me what you will.
But I'm not doing this for kicks
This isn't for the thrill
It's time that I moved on.
And this is the only way I know how.
But you are my best friend
So I still wish I had you now.
In the morning I'll regret
Everything I said...
Even now I want to take it back
Hating how I just up and fled.
But even if I said I'm sorry
You'd never really accept it
So I guess that I messed up
My childish little fit
I can't write anymore
And dont care to even try
I just made a big mistake.
Guess I'll go try not to cry.....
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Running away
I pack my bags
It's no different this time.
I know I'm running away
But is that really a crime?
Getting away puts a smile on my face
Back to the state I grew up in.
Silently I fold my clothes
And wonder how everyone has been...
I've been running away for years
I know the drill and I say goodbye
Smiling, that fake little smile
I say 'I'll see you soon' and leave with a lie.
These people I've come to know
And some I've come to love...
Will be forgotten soon
Will a little mental shove
So I pack my bags
It's no different this time.
I know I'm running away
But is that really a crime?
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Would you...
If it took you a week to read a book
Would you read it all again?
Would you listen to the story?
Or cry over the end?
Would you do that to a person?
And not stop and cry?
Would you cry over the end of a life?
Or think it meant nothing to you.
Well what if it was you?
Lying in a grave with no one to cry for you.
Lying and staring at the sky.
Thinking of life and what you did...
Would you go back in time and do it again?
Or would god forgive you for your sins?
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You Changed, So I Left
tell me what im missing baby.
tell me who i left behind.
tell me what i want to know.
and maybe ill come back this time.
i remember who you used to be.
the secret smiles we used to share.
but somewhere along the way you changed.
and i knew i didnt want to be there.
when i left, not a tear escaped you eye.
you laughed and slammed the door.
in truth i wondered where you went.
i swear i didnt know you anymore.
the girl i fell in love with.
used to kiss me just to feel my skin.
she used to whisper 'i love you'.
and always made me grin.
so tell me what im missing baby.
tell me who you are tonight.
tell me what i need to know.
then maybe we can stop this fight.
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My Rainbow Boy
How can I say goodbye?
How can I say good night?
Will you still love me in the end?
Would you be content to be only a friend?
Can I say goodbye my Rainbow boy?
If I called you a man would you jump for joy?
Will you allow me to cry?
Or should I just shut up and lie?
Can you answer this one thing?
Was our love just a fling?
Can I say goodbye my Rainbow boy?
If I called you a man would you jump for joy?
Will you mistake these simple rhymes?
Mistake my questions because of their chimes?
Will you let me kiss you one last time?
Would that be such a crime?
Can I say goodbye my Rainbow boy................?
..................If I called you a man would you jump for joy?
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Writing for a Friend
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You are so new....
You consume my thoughts,
I think I'm falling too deep.
But I'm enjoying the feeling,
Knowing you are here
Knowing I can be myself,
And the fact that you are different...
But you are so new
To my little crowded world
So new I fear I'll mess up,
But I hope you'll stick around.
Pathetic, this poem is I know;
But I just had to let you know...
I like you the way you are,
Don't go changing for anyone.
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Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams
She lies next to me,
Sleep only extends her beauty.
She does not know I am there,
My whiskers disguise me,
But I have been here the whole time.
As the water floods in and swarms around us,
I see only her.
A bird chirps on her arm,
But he does not see her beauty.
Un-known to her;
I have loved her all along.
Still she sees me only as a companion.
Sadly, I am okay with that.
So I wait for the water to drown us together,
As she sleeps on,
Her beauty…. Capturing me until I die.
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One more try for an old friendship.
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Renatta Simpson
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When I was little I belived in God and wanted him to ge my parents back together. Now I no longer believe or want that. I am still an angsty teen but I am slowly growing up. I've left my past behind and I'm smiling at the future that sits next to me.


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We had a long chat not a day ago. I have told her many times that I love her writing and that I am here as a 'virtual' friend [if u will]. I am sorry about what happened to her and I am glad to see that she has a friend that cares so much. If you need anything else don't hesitate to ask.

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